Drivers’ eye view of MML Sports rally car

MML Sports, the company formed from the factory Mitsubishi rally team, has added a unique view of its Group N Lancer EvolutionX rally car to its website. The panoramic interior allows visitors to the site to view the complete interior from the comfort of their computer screen, giving them an impression of the quality and attention to detail that have gone into the car and will also provide a link to MML Sports’ unique webshop.

In addition to its fleet of eight Mitsubishi Lancer WRCars, the company has developed its own Group N version of the latest iteration of the famous Lancer range, the EvolutionX. Using experience gained over years of running the official Mitsubishi rally cars, the MML Sports GpN EvoX has proved an instant hit, claiming wins in Madeira against Super 2000 cars and in Indonesia, where it took second place overall on its maiden outing.

Earlier this year, the company added a virtual car builder to its website, allowing potential customers to ‘build’ their ideal Group N EvoX. This began with the base chassis and allowed drivers to select various specifications and options, including gravel or tarmac suspension and giving them a clear indication of the car’s price and performance.

It has now developed a full, 360degree interior view of the car, so that visitors can view exactly what equipment is used but just as importantly, how well put together the car is. The view can also scroll up and down, making the complete ‘driver’s office’ visible through the internet.

In addition to simply viewing the interior of the EvoX, the panorama will also be developed to link across to much more detailed information on the options and components used in the car. For example, if the user clicks on the gearlever, this would open MML Sports’ webshop application, detailing the specification and options available for the car’s transmission. Other areas of the interior will provide access to detailed information on the engine, electronics and chassis.

Commenting, MML Sports Managing Director John Easton said; “We’re very pleased to be able to offer potential customers a full interior view of the MML Sports Group N EvolutionX rally car. In conjunction with our ‘car builder’ and soon to be launched webshop, we feel that this is the best information package we can give, short of the customer visiting our facility or actually driving the car.

“We know from feedback that the car-builder is extremely useful to our existing and potential customers and I think the interior view tool will help them to understand the quality of the work that has gone into our car, as well as the products we have used on it.

“We feel that it is a successful package, as we have seen in Madeira for example, where both Antonio Nunes and Felipe Freitas have achieved notable success and outright rally wins.”