MML Sports stars in RallyDay video

MML Sports Ltd, the company formed from the works Mitsubishi rally team, is the focus for a new promotional video for RallyDay, the UK’s foremost rally event. The video features stunning imagery of the MML Sports Mitsubishi Lancer WRCar in action at last year’s event, in the hands of former Mitsubishi works driver, Alister McRae.

The organisers of RallyDay approached MML Sports prior to the 2009 event to form the focal point of a brand new video promotion to publicise the 2010 RallyDay, which marks the 10th anniversary of the now-iconic festival of rallying, held at the Castle Combe racetrack in Wiltshire.

MML Sports was delighted to participate and the organisers fitted three on-board cameras to the car, as well as several external camera crews to record the action as McRae demonstrated the Lancer’s abilities in front of thousands of rally fans.

Passengering Alister were a series of prize-winners, selected from various promotions and charity auctions, resulting in a ride-of-a-lifetime with the former British Rally Champion around the circuit. Because RallyDay has been developed to demonstrate the action and thrills associated with the sport, like all the drivers, McRae threw his usual competitive caution to the wind and embarked on a series of huge slides and donuts to create as much sideways action and tyre smoke as possible for the fans.

The best of his escapades were used to form the two-minute video, combining on-board and external shots, all set to a pounding techno soundtrack. Shot in High Definition, the film sees normal speed combined with slow motion, to highlight his skill and the spectacle of a world rally car driven by a consummate professional with decades of experience to his name.

Commenting on the film, MML Sports Managing Director John Easton said; “When we were asked to participate in the promotional video by the organisers of RallyDay, we obviously agreed. The resulting film is amazing – the quality of the imagery, the editing and the overall package look and feel fantastic.

“Many people will have seen Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos and been impressed by not only a rally driver’s skill but also, the technology and art direction that is used to highlight these and show them off to their best. With former champion Alister in the rally-winning Mitsubishi Lancer WRC being demonstrated at RallyDay, I think that rallying had been made even more exciting and accessible to the world through the internet and I’m sure it will bring more people to this year’s event.”

The video can also be seen on YouTube, by following the link HERE