Selection of as-new rally cars for sale by MML Sports

The British motorsport specialist, MML Sports, has a selection of as-new Mitsubishi rally cars for sale, from its collection of Lancer WRC and Group N Lancer EvolutionX models. All cars have been proven through competition and comprehensively re-prepared with new components, ensuring that they are effectively as-new, zero-mileage cars.

First for sale are two Mitsubishi Lancer WRC05 cars, the latest World Rally Cars to be used by Mitsubishi in an official capacity in the FIA World Rally Championship. MML Sports was created from the former works Mitsubishi team and therefore, has complete knowledge, experience and support for these models.

The two cars in questions were both driven by the works drivers, Harri Rovanpera, Gigi Galli and Gilles Panizzi and the bodyshells have been thoroughly tested and verified as sound. All relevant components have been replaced or rebuilt to original specification and therefore, effectively have zero miles on them.

These cars remain extremely competitive in national and regional rally series, with event wins in recent years across Europe, including the UK, Holland, Belgium, Latvia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. MML Sports will supply cars for customers to run themselves, with technical back-up and can run cars on behalf of customers on any events and in any series around the world.

The company also has two Group N Mitsubishi Lancer EvolutionX cars for sale, previously used by several Russian businessmen before turning their attention to other pastimes. Both cars have previously competed in Latvia and have contested eight rallies each.

Like the World Rally Cars, both Group N examples have been comprehensively tested and checked before a complete rebuild and re-preparation programme, again ensuring that, through this component replacement process, they are effectively as-new and zero mileage.

Again, both Group N cars can be supplied to customers or can also be run by MML Sports in any series the customer wishes.

And of course, both cars can also be easily converted to R4 specification, using the MML Sports-developed official Mitsubishi conversion kit. This can be supplied along with either car or fitted ahead of purchase, at the customer’s request.