Two-car assault on Safari Rally for MML Sports

British motorsport and automotive specialists MML Sports will be supporting a two-car assault on next weekend’s Safari Rally, the second round of the 2015 Kenyan national Rally Championship. Formerly part of the FIA African Rally Championship, this year the iconic event has chosen to run in just the KnRC and MML Sports will compete with Team Kibos and Jas Manget.

The Team Kibos car, running to R4 specification this year, has already demonstrated its pace and reliability, finishing the opening round of the series second overall and as first African driver. However, the Safari rally will be a tougher challenge all round, since while it is a far cry from the ‘old’ Safari, it will still feature three days of competition as opposed to the usual two and longer stages than many of the drivers are used to.

MML Sports had confidence in the official Mitsubishi R4 conversion kit it jointly developed for the Japanese manufacturer and this was proved on the Kisumu Rally, with Team Kibos driver Jassi Chatthe putting in a flawless performance.

On that occasion, there was also reason to celebrate for another local driver, Jas Manget. His R4-specification Mitsubishi Lancer EvolutionX had been a constant source of problems, to the point where he had not finished a single rally during 2014.

Impressed by the performance of the Team Kibos cars, he approached MML Sports and asked it to re-prepare and support his car on the opening round.

The results were immediate and obvious – he finished that rally in fifth place – the first event he had finished in almost two years – and he was delighted with the pace and reliability of the car.

Commenting ahead of the Safari, MML Sports Managing Director John Easton said; “I am really looking forward to the Safari Rally. It is probably the most iconic event in any calendar and while it is nowhere as demanding as the ‘old’ Safari used to be, it is still a huge challenge.

“This year’s event is three days, as opposed to two for most of the Kenyan series and while on paper, one more day may not seem much, on the Safari, it is always a lot of work; for the drivers, the co-drivers and the team.

“Jassi showed the strength and reliability of the R4 car on the first round, as well as the pace and I’m looking forward to seeing more of the same from him and of course, from Jas.”

The event takes place over the weekend of 2-4 April.